DUULIYE is a privately held company founded by a group of Somali

DUULIYE is a privately held company founded by a group of Somali scholars with strong background both in

technology and travel.

Duuliye is Somalia’s first Digital travel technology company, offering services such as OTA services , Distribution platforms for travel agents, and airline reservation systems.

Duuliye platform simplifies how suppliers, agencies, and travelers connect all through one next-generation platform, it delivers more content, modern retail capabilities, and the best value. so they can sell better and faster, with less frustration and more profit in every click.

in the other side Duuliye is the only online travel agency in somalia right now, providing online travel services including airline tickets, domestic and international flight booking, Hajj and Umrah packages.

The company has also undertaken certain steps to Spread its wings to all African countries to make travelling in africa more stress free.

DUULIYE was founded to provide upscale B2C and B2B

online reservation solutions. To book domestic and

international flights from Duuliye platform feel free to use multiple chennels or methods as they have a wide range of opportunities and

complete technology capabilities:


*Usefull app:* Duuliye clients travellers and travel agents can reach them by downloading the app.

2. *Call center:* Many customers still prefer to speak with ahuman

before paying money they can call them locally they

call center: 2777 or whatsapp: +252612777797.

3. *USSD(*2777#):* As we know somali people don’t have enough

access to the internet, or have feature phones,

They have made there service available to them

using USSD * 2777 #


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